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You know I would
5/14/2011, 10:08 am
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Oh baby,
I’m so tired
The man…from the government
The man…from the tax board
The man…from the public school
The man owns the golden rule,
I’m everybody’s slave, I made you my slave
You said this I do for you
If it would help to give the world back
What it gave, then I would
I would
I would
I would
I would for you
I would for you
You say my eyes are crazy eyes
Sometimes they are and so are you
And if you wonder what I would do
I would do anything if I could
You know I would
I would
I would
I would for you
I would for you
I would for you
I would for you
I would for you

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It seems so real…
7/31/2010, 7:25 am
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Hard to believe this song is 31 years old…

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Well it seems so real I can see it
And it seems so real I can feel it
And it seems so real I can taste it
And it seems so real I can hear it
So why can’t I touch it?
So why can’t I touch it?

Then it looks so real I can see it
And it feels so real I can feel it
And it tastes so real I can taste it
And it sounds so real I can hear it
So why can’t I touch it?
So why can’t I touch it?

Then it looks so real I can feel it
And it feels so real I can taste it
And it tastes so real I can hear it
And it sounds so real I can see it
So why can’t I touch it?
So why can’t I touch it?

Now it is so real I can see it
And it is so real I can feel it
And it is so real I can hear it
And it is so real I can be it
So why can’t I touch it?
So why can’t I touch it?

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My joy is such a faker
7/13/2010, 5:13 pm
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Heard this album today at a coffee shop while doing school work with some classmates. Speaking of school work…6,7,8 hours a day on top of class is far from uncommon. Luckily, I have been able to hang with it (so far)…

Gal Costa-Vou Recomeçar

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Gal Costa
Não sei por que razão eu sofro tanto em minha vida
A minha alegria é uma coisa tão fingida
A felicidade já é coisa esquecida
Mas agora vou recomeçar
Não vou ser mais triste
Vou mudar daqui pra frente
E a minha escrita vai ser muito diferente
A filosofia vou mudar em minha mente
Pois agora vou recomeçar
Quero amor e quero amar
Quero a vida aproveitar
Talvez até arranje alguém
Alguém que eu possa acreditar
Pois agora vou recomeçar
E daqui pra frente eu vou mudar

The google translation:
I do not know why I suffer so much in my life
My joy is such a faker
Happiness is a thing forgotten
But now I will start
I will not be sadder
I will change from now on
And my writing will be very different
The philosophy I will change my mind
For now I’ll start
I want to love and want to love
I want to enjoy life
Maybe get someone
Someone who I can believe
For now I’ll start
And from now on I’ll change

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Suck It!
3/12/2010, 8:59 am
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I am in, I am in, I am in!
A dream that started in 7th grade and was put on hold for far too long has finally started to become a reality.
From a double-wide in Mill Creek to a grad student at Duke University, it seems like I have lived several lifetimes during the intervening years.
Oh, and all you non-believers/haters/ex’s can suck it 🙂

Acceptance Letter

We’ve got spirit, yes we do
10/24/2007, 3:54 pm
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I finished my first dance mix for our varsity cheer leading team today. They will debut it at this Friday’s pep rally (it’s homecoming week). I would like to think that Dr. Banks would be proud. I was sitting in the lounge at lunchtime a month or so ago and the cheer leading coach was complaining about their music this year. I pipe up and let her know that I used to do mixes for drag queens. And the rest is of course history…

Along with going to the prom this ranks up there as one of the best good/bad/good things about being a high school mathematics teacher.

Does anybody really know what time it is?
5/2/2007, 11:22 am
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Numbers, numbers, numbers while they don’t invade, consume, and drive me mad ala “A Beautiful Mind” I always smile when I see little coincidences and other bits of symmetry pop up.

We all have probably seen the email about May 6th at three past 2 am, the time/date will be: 02:03:04 5/6/7. Last year in April there was a similar moment when it was 01:02:03 4/5/6, etc… More important than all that nonsense though is today’s date: 5/2/7, 5+2=7 it also happens to be my 34th birthday: 3+4=7. Conspiracy? No. Cool coincidence? Yes. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would also point out that my wonderful girlfriend, Laura, has got us tickets to see Blonde Redhead in Chapel Hill this Saturday. They are touring in support of their new album entitled “23”, Laura happens to be 23 years old. The concert is on May 5th, 5/5…5+5=10, which is also the number of tracks on their album. Coincidence? I think not! To quote (probably poorly) Paul Thomas Anderson at the beginning of Magnolia, “These things don’t just happen, do they?”

The long and short of it is that it is my Birthday today. Thanks goes out to the school system for sending me to a half day workshop today but paying the substitute for a full day. I am now sitting in a coffee shop listening to the new Blonde Redhead record on the headphones, typing on the school system’s laptop. I hate being here without my MacBook Pro, I love throwing contemptuous, holier than thou looks at PC users while exchanging knowing glances and nods with my fellow Mac people. But, all that aside, it is a nice, sun-shiny birthday day. I am at a non-corporate coffee shop where I can be a jack-ass and order a triple shot latte breve short and they know what I mean.

I now have plenty of time to walk, pick up a few books from Barnes and Nobles, send late birthday cards to my two fellow May 2nd birthday peeps Mistie and Glen, open my State Employee’s Credit Union account, make a dental appointment, etc… All the stuff that I keep putting off. A good Birthday all in all. Friday I will have dinner with friends, celebrate, and make a drunken ass of myself…if this old man can still manage to stay up late enough to do that. Birthdays are no longer the pseudo depressing business that my first couple 30’s ones were. Maybe that is because I am no longer a drifting, floundering college student. I am a man with a plan who has been able to check several things off of his to-do list this past year. Add that to the fact that whenever I do get depressed I can take solace in the fact that while I am 34, Dr. Banks is 35; now that’s old! 😉

Prom ReDux
5/1/2007, 9:49 am
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One of the good/bad/good things about teaching High School Mathematics is being able to participate in events such as Prom Night. This year my High School’s prom was held at a spot that is less than a mile from where Laura lives, so we headed over and hung out/chaperoned for a little while. Here are a couple of pics we took. Oh, the theme? Shanghai Nights.

Any opportunity to get another use out of a bridesmaid's dress!

One more use out of a bridesmaid’s dress, yay!

Should I break up the people grinding on the dance floor?

Do I break up the grinding couple or ignore it?



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Spring Fever
3/22/2007, 9:56 am
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An old room mate of mine used to live like a monk except for this time of year. He had a line that served both as an excuse and an explanation for his yearly exploitations; “It’s spring time, and I’m Jeff.”
I have relationship milestones that are 90% accurate. If a relationship lasts a couple of weeks the first big hump will happen at the three month mark. That’s when you either switch to more serious mode or you go your separate ways. Similar things happen at the 6-month and 1-year points and on and on. The exception to this rule? In spring time all bets are off, anything can happen and anything goes.
All of this is just anecdotal evidence of the strange power that the warming weather and the blooming flowers hold. The high school where I teach lets out for Spring Break next week. The low hum of dissatisfaction among the students is becoming a roar. Not only is it spring time with a vacation just around the corner, but it is also the end of the long, long stretch with no breaks that follows Christmas Vacation.
In short, the natives are restless and the tension is so thick it could be cut with a knife. I sit and look at the tests that need to be graded and the blank stares of students that are a thousand miles away, coupled with the constant reminders to get back to work that I utter every five minutes to the students who are at the opposite end of the spectrum and full of energy. I have started to empathize with the english teacher who yesterday had her students help her load up her car before she just drove off, apparently quitting in the middle of the school day with no notice at all. Hopefully I will survive and live to see my new niece in two weeks. But you never know, for even though I recognize its spell descending onto those around me, I myself am not immune.
It’s spring time, and I’m Dan.

The way it was, July 2006 edition
7/29/2006, 10:33 am
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Once again hanging with my mom in Gloucester. July has been a pretty eventful month, full of new resolutions, new resolve, and new excitement. I got to assist Dr. Sprague teaching phyics in the Summer Ventures program at ECU. It was a blast working with these super-smart high school kids, and such a welcome change from the college folks I teach in lab, 90% of which could care less about being there. I am catching up on the time missed in the Acoustics Lab, and Dr. Bissenger has some exciting things in store for the next couple of months, some of which are top-secret and on a strict need-to-know-basis until we finish with our data collection.

On to the where-is-Dan-going-to-be-living section of this July wrap-up: several months ago I did a Dance Music For Nerds at Kings in Raleigh. While there I spent most of the night sitting with old friends and catching up, after that I resolved to be in Raleigh as soon as possible. I interviewed for a job at UNC, which didn’t pan out, then I spent several months helping to take care of my step-dad. Now it looks like I will finally be making the move. I have my school schedule next semester set to only be teaching/taking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I have a fellow grad student that will let me stay with her on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so I can do research and homework on Wednesdays. So, looks like I will be commuting from Raleigh, and job searching should be easier with a home base up there. The big down side, going from having a two-bedroom to myself to having a room in a house with room mates…ugh. But, hopefully it will be worth it, I expect the job search in Raleigh to eventually pan out and allow me to once again live on my own.

The only other big news, long-time friend Laura and I have started dating. After the first few akward dates, which were cute in retrospect, things have been going wonderful. She is smarter than I, talented, and gorgeous to boot. A luckier man, there isn’t.

Better moves than Pee-Wee Herman
7/19/2006, 8:56 am
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Sitting in the Mac Lab of the Physics Department, supervising the Summer Ventures kids as they finish up their papers/presentations. Got my headphones on, lisening to a little M.I.A. on DanceMusicForNerds Radio. Of course, one can’t help but bust a little move while listening to M.I.A., cue the giggles and laughter from the High School kids, which I was blissfully unaware of for several minutes, being into my music and everything. Luckily, I played it off with a “Talk to the Hand” gesture and a crazy display of popin’ and lockin’ skills.

By the way, the new iMacs friggin’ rock, if you have the means, I highly reccomend!

Bizarre Celebrations
7/18/2006, 12:29 pm
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Well, catching up from all my time away during the past few months. I’ve been assisting with Summer Ventures, which is tons of fun, as well as making progress on the ever important research. During the months leading up to my Step-Dad’s passing I felt like I wasn’t able to do anything at all, I was completely lacking in motivation. It is amazing the turn-around I’ve had in just a few weeks. I was working in the Acoustics Lab until 11pm last night, back at Summer Ventures at 8:30am, and am also managing to work a little on the new edition of a physics book I am helping out with. That would of been a months worth of accomplishments for me not to long ago, but now I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am zooming along. My counselor tells me that a sense of relief is normal, I talked to my mom and she has similar feelings, but underneath it all both of us can’t help but feel a little guilty.

Onto brighter things: the photo page is back up and running, I am still tweaking the theme, so it may change a little in the future. Also, I hope to sit down next week and overhaul, Will has inspired me.

And for brighter, brighter things: my friend that is a girl, Laura, came down and stayed the weekend along with my mom’s Chihuahua, Sylvia. It was a great time having the ladies here with me, it was just sad to see them go…though I definitely miss Laura more (sorry Sylvia!).

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Life is a Cabaret-o-shun
6/7/2006, 8:19 pm
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Visiting the hide-aways of my youth lately, most recently it was a camping trip with Laura down to the Outer Banks. We stayed at Frisco Woods, where I camped 20 years ago (am I really old enough to utter such phrases?) with my family, took the 2 and a half hour ferry I remember sitting with my father on, boogie boarded at the beach I’ve been surfing at many, many times. Done a lot of questioning as of late and I think that this will be my last month in Greenville. I will be moving back to Carteret County for a little while, work a job, help out my mom, and do some soul searching…which I find to be a lot easier to do sitting on the porch of my mom’s house looking at the water than sitting at the Europub looking at a beer. I hope I stay in touch with my friends, I hope they stay in touch with me. I hope my step-dad’s ALS runs its course quietly and does not cause this truly good man to suffer more than neccesary.

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5/4/2006, 6:30 am
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Seriously doubt I got the job. Interview went well, I just don’t think I am what they were looking for. Not a biggie though, got some fun research to do over the summer, and only a year left on my Master’s degree.

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Last Busy Weekend, of the Last Busy Week, of a Busy Semester
4/24/2006, 7:26 am
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80's NightLaura DJ'ing at her show

Friday night was 70’s Vs. 80’s night, AKA Disco Decadance & Eighties Excess, at Cafe Caribe. This was the first event I had to do totally by myself in quite a while, and boy was it stressful! At these things I normally get kind of stessed anyway given that I am a control freak and all, but it was especially tough not being able to take a moment away from the music as well. Luckily I had brought my computer with me so I would occasionally let it play two or three songs in a row when I was needed at the door, by the club manager, etc… After very little sleep Friday I went and provided audio entertainment at my neighbor’s/good friend’s/Graphic Artist’s Senior Show Saturday. Laura has been responsible for the last several 80’s night fliers and has come to be a really great friend during that time. It was especially great meeting her mom and friends that I have heard so many stories about. The sad part of this story is that she is moving away in two weeks, as I’ve lamented in previous posts losing good friends is one of the bad things that comes from staying too long in Greenville, yet it is one that I never get used to. On Sunday went to Senior Choreography show that the dance program puts on every year. A friend of mine was a dancer in a piece, and I am glad she was. I have not been to a choreography show since the last time I arranged the music for a piece which has been at least 3 years. Their was one very powerful piece dealing with the 5 stages of grief that was simple and powerful and moving, it really stood out, and I am sure I weirded out the senior who choreographed it after the show with my praises. 🙂

So, now there is just one program left to right and nothing else left to do until exams. My first one is on my birthday, May 2nd. Every year without fail, a final exam is usually the first present I receive. But the good thing: a week to clean my house which has been accumulating more and more piles as the semester has gone by. I can’t wait to give it the old spring cleaning!

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Caloo, Calay
4/12/2006, 1:01 pm
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Well, my application has finally made it out of HR limbo and is heading towards the Physics Department of the University I applied for the job with. It is a laboratory manager position which I was recommended for by our Lab Manager here at ECU, so I am fairly confident that I will at least get an interview. Dealing with HR was slightly maddening, I knew I was over-qualified, and a lab manager/physics person reading my application and resume could see that I was over-qualified, but getting the beuracrat in HR to see that was a little harder. I don’t mind not getting the job on my own merits, but to have the application rejected off-handedly was upsetting to say the least. In the meantime, got mad grading, homework, etc… to work on here. Heading down to Carteret County again this weekend to give my mom a chance to leave the house for a little while. I am so glad that they finally ran high speed internet out to where she lives, it allows me to get more work done down there than I would be able to otherwise. In case I do not hear anything about this job, I have one week to come up with a project to work on during the summer in order to get money from the Physics Department to live off of. Going to talk to Dr. B aka the Violin Guy today. He runs the Acoustic’s Lab here in the Physic’s Department and is the worlds leading expert on violins (from a reverse engineering physics perspective). Should be interesting…

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