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Up for the down stroke…
7/6/2005, 7:23 pm
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Well, Dan’s world is starting to take shape and form. Been a rocky, rocky couple of months filled with highs and lows, kind of like having to relearn how to walk. Feel like everything is snapping into focus now. Spent 3 hrs skating around on my new long board and haven’t felt this content in a long while. Finally getting this living alone thing down, and it is really not that bad. Of course on the way to arriving at this realization I think I scared off a lot of potential new friends. Nothing to do but move on, and that isn’t bad at all.

The day after…
7/5/2005, 12:38 pm
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Great 4th, maybe even the best ever. No matter what your feelings on the state of our democracy, our forefathers’ racist ways, etc… the Declaration of Independance is a truly wonderful thing. Of course, that has little to do with the fun, drunken state I was in. I guess it is just one man’s pursuit of happiness.

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“Our Happiness Is Guaranteed”-Quasi
7/3/2005, 10:43 pm
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Well, Sunday night on this long holiday weekend and just a few thoughts to share.
On being single:
Constant adjustments and second guessing, but all in all an enjoyable experience. The biggest thing is getting used to living alone. I don’t mean it in a sad “I’m so lonely” kind of way. Just not having somebody else there is weird. I don’t know if it’s that there is nobody to turn to when you see something funny on TV, nobody to recount the day’s stories too. I think it is more than that. It was really hard just learning how to relax for some reason. A lot of times I would feel like I would have to be doing something constantly, I couldn’t just sit and watch a movie or anything like that.
On relationships:
Lots of second guessing here. Before Christie and I started dating 90% of my friends were girls. Now I feel like I have to put a disclaimer out there first: “I am asking for your phone number, but I am not trying to pick you up, just looking for a plutonic relationship.” Then I feel like more of a weirdo than when I started. People I have managed to stay in touch with through the years and are still around are seeing and hearing from me a lot more now, and I feel a little bad about that. I mean, I used to go 6 months without talking to Adam, and now I see him nearly every night. I am just thankful for that we’re still cool, god knows it would be a lot more lonely without him. As far as the nonplutonic relationships, it is nothing but confusion and major insecurities. What are the proper protocols, do I even care about protocol, am I coming off as a psycho, do I have to call, do I want to call, why do they keep calling, why won’t they call, etc… but it is getting better.
On tying this up:
Thanks to my pals, friends, acquaintances, and all that put up with and support me. I’m still learning the ropes and I truly appreciate all of your help along the way.