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Labor Day Wrap-Up
9/6/2005, 2:55 pm
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So, it all started out like this: I needed a new car, my dad is a manager at a car dealership in Florida, I have a steady income now. So, Labor Day weekend let’s fly down, buy a car, and drive back home. Joining me on this outing was my super-cool neighbor who over the summer has quickly become my super-cool friend, Courtney. She has been learning to surf, my dad lives 10 minutes from the beach and has a plethora of boards to use, and I did not want to do the drive back alone; get it, got it, good. It all started Thursday night with a trip to RTP, we stayed with Dan of Robert Burns Party fame and headed to Raleigh-Durham International at 9am Friday morning. Two drinks, a short hop to Charlotte, two more drinks, a slightly longer flight and we’re touching down in Jacksonville, FL.
Dad is at the airport waiting for us. After picking out the car, taking it for a spin, and waiting for hours to finish paper-work (thank-you Dad for making that part as painless as possible!) we were finally heading (in my new car) to the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine.
Friday night we headed out with dad and hit the beautiful downtown area. It was a wonderful dinner sitting on the second story deck of A1A Ale Works. Watching the horse and carriages go by, gazing at the Intercoastal Waterway across the street, and getting told by a random passerby in a car to “Work that pussy” while Courtney and I were smoking a cigarette downstairs outside (I was like dude, I’m trying…and you yelling that ain’t helpin’ 🙂 ).
Saturday morning we woke up early, headed down to Blue Springs. You can check out the pictures of this beautiful park here. We snorkled with the fishes and even came fairly close to a couple of alligators while out on a canoe. Went back to dad’s riding up A1A along the beach (fuck I-95!), after getting tied up doing a few things we got dressed to impress and headed out. We were both rocking the vintage styles and were obviously the envy of all who saw us. In honor of our buddies back at the springs, we shared a couple racks of Bar-B-Q Alligator ribs (no joke). Then headed out to the carousel in the middle of St. Augustine.
Sunday morning came and it was time to go surfing with dad, my brother, his wife, and their 3 year old daughter aka my niece, Alexis. The surf was rough and big and Courtney managed to sustain her first surfboard injury, a gash on her back from one of the fins of the surfboard she was riding. We headed out to a slightly calmer beach, took out my brothers ocean kayak, walked down to a little restaurant and this time ate alligator tail. After going back home and having some nap time we headed back out to the beach for more drinking and eating, first at a restaurant and then at a local redneck beer bar. What a rough night and what a way to get ready for a long drive the next day.
Well, that’s about all there is to tell, we drove back up, stopped off in Savannah, walked around a cool graveyard. Then we continued to drive, drive, drive….and here I am in my office on campus trying to once again get back into school mode.

Enough of the play-by-play action though. This summer has been a learning and growing experience. After allowing myself to be stifled for so long and accepting, even longing for it just because that is what I was used to; it’s good to feel those chains start to fall away. It is nothing that happens overnight, it is an ongoing process. I do, from time-to-time, feel as if I’ve reached a plateau, but only a fool would feel like he’s arrived. The one thing I can say is that at this point I no longer think, “Maybe one day things will work out…”instead I am thankful that I am no longer there. I have been many things this summer, I’ve been a bothersome guy trying to figure out the whole single thing, I’ve been a novice skater, an entertainer, I’ve been enthralled, I’ve been one of the rejected, I’ve been one of the rejecters…and the list goes on. Every step has been a learning experience, and every plateau makes me realize how far I have to go. But in the end I’ve come away with more friends than what I started with and a couple of friends with whom I hope I never lose touch…and that is something that has not happened in years. It is in the spirit of this warm rosy glow that I would like to thank my travelling buddy/neighbor extraordinaire, Courts. She has quite unexpectedly become the best, most patient friend I could of ever hoped for…and she has also managed to keep me honest (she’s not afraid to call bull-shit on me or tell me to shut the fuck up!) the whole time. Who could ask for more?