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Livin’, Lovin’, Learnin’
10/18/2005, 11:49 am
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I love my neighbors. I love my neighborhood. I love my friends. I love some of the things I do. I love some of the things I have done. I hate that I am not excited about school. I hate when my emotions get the best of me and I break my own rules. But, even those moments I love in retrospect…though they do come with a cringe when they pop into my head. I love when I feel like I know it all and the next day I realize I know shit. I love when I think I have money then I check my account balance and realize that was a lie.
I love the lessons, maybe not while in the process of learning them…but I love the lessons.

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“Why are you awake, what’s on your mind?”
Please Pardon Yourself
The Avett Brothers
10/17/2005, 10:20 am
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I love those special moments and I hate when they slip away. I fight to hold onto them, to make them last…but I am learning just to relish the memories. Connections, so tenuous, so fragile…like quantum mechanics, observing and measuring completely changes whatever it is you’re studying, so it is with these momentary connections. When you realize it, take a step back from the moment and analyze it…it’s pretty much gone. Forcing it just helps to sour the sweet memory of the moment you are trying to recapture.

The wind it blows from here to California
it never stops to turn and wonder why it goes.
Pretty Girl At The Airport
The Avett Brothers

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Please Pardon Yourself
The Avett Brothers