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“I left my brain in NJ, on my futon.”
1/17/2006, 10:58 pm
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She left her brain in New Jersey,
Asleep on the futon,
Surrounded by shelves,
The shelves are full of books,
Some of the shelves lean,
An almost dangerous lean.
Will the shelves tumble over,
Will the books crush her sleeping brain?
When her mom turns the bed
back into a couch
Will she notice her sleeping brain?
Will anyone wake the sleeping brain
and let it know that the body is back
in North Carolina, hard at work,
and in need of a brain to guide it.
To help it.
To keep things straight.
In her head.
Will the sleeping brain just stay
and dream of a time when the room was hers
When a gravestone etching and a deelite poster
adorned the walls,
When boxes could be found full
of childhood and teenage memories
Or dream of Thanksgiving’s, Christmas’s and summer’s past
when the boy was there with her
or in the next room
saying things like, “O.K….that’s enough”

The sleeping brain will sleep
and when it wakes up
it will be back in North Carolina
…and wonder how it got there.
…and wonder how it go here,
to this point.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
1/16/2006, 9:22 am
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I want young men and young women who are not alive today…to know and see that these new privileges and opportunities did not come without somebody suffering and sacrificing for them.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.