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Last Busy Weekend, of the Last Busy Week, of a Busy Semester
4/24/2006, 7:26 am
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80's NightLaura DJ'ing at her show

Friday night was 70’s Vs. 80’s night, AKA Disco Decadance & Eighties Excess, at Cafe Caribe. This was the first event I had to do totally by myself in quite a while, and boy was it stressful! At these things I normally get kind of stessed anyway given that I am a control freak and all, but it was especially tough not being able to take a moment away from the music as well. Luckily I had brought my computer with me so I would occasionally let it play two or three songs in a row when I was needed at the door, by the club manager, etc… After very little sleep Friday I went and provided audio entertainment at my neighbor’s/good friend’s/Graphic Artist’s Senior Show Saturday. Laura has been responsible for the last several 80’s night fliers and has come to be a really great friend during that time. It was especially great meeting her mom and friends that I have heard so many stories about. The sad part of this story is that she is moving away in two weeks, as I’ve lamented in previous posts losing good friends is one of the bad things that comes from staying too long in Greenville, yet it is one that I never get used to. On Sunday went to Senior Choreography show that the dance program puts on every year. A friend of mine was a dancer in a piece, and I am glad she was. I have not been to a choreography show since the last time I arranged the music for a piece which has been at least 3 years. Their was one very powerful piece dealing with the 5 stages of grief that was simple and powerful and moving, it really stood out, and I am sure I weirded out the senior who choreographed it after the show with my praises. 🙂

So, now there is just one program left to right and nothing else left to do until exams. My first one is on my birthday, May 2nd. Every year without fail, a final exam is usually the first present I receive. But the good thing: a week to clean my house which has been accumulating more and more piles as the semester has gone by. I can’t wait to give it the old spring cleaning!

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Caloo, Calay
4/12/2006, 1:01 pm
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Well, my application has finally made it out of HR limbo and is heading towards the Physics Department of the University I applied for the job with. It is a laboratory manager position which I was recommended for by our Lab Manager here at ECU, so I am fairly confident that I will at least get an interview. Dealing with HR was slightly maddening, I knew I was over-qualified, and a lab manager/physics person reading my application and resume could see that I was over-qualified, but getting the beuracrat in HR to see that was a little harder. I don’t mind not getting the job on my own merits, but to have the application rejected off-handedly was upsetting to say the least. In the meantime, got mad grading, homework, etc… to work on here. Heading down to Carteret County again this weekend to give my mom a chance to leave the house for a little while. I am so glad that they finally ran high speed internet out to where she lives, it allows me to get more work done down there than I would be able to otherwise. In case I do not hear anything about this job, I have one week to come up with a project to work on during the summer in order to get money from the Physics Department to live off of. Going to talk to Dr. B aka the Violin Guy today. He runs the Acoustic’s Lab here in the Physic’s Department and is the worlds leading expert on violins (from a reverse engineering physics perspective). Should be interesting…

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Updates, New Theme, etc…
4/11/2006, 11:30 am
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Well, finally updated to the latest edition of WordPress (the nifty program that generates this site) and changed the theme to the one you are seeing now, Benevolence. I hope you like it as much as I do! I also hope that this cuts back on the 40 or so spam comments the old version was getting on a daily basis. Nothing much to report between yesterday and today, still no word from the University to which I applied, DJ’ing at Indie Dance night at Club Aqua tonight. I love just being a DJ and not having to handle all the organization that went along with running Dance Music For Nerds. I am sure that DMFN will return in some form or another before all is said and done, it is something that I cannot escape from for too long before I feel it calling me back.

The poetry reading last night was a nice break from the norm, nothing too mind blowing, but Beth’s impromptu poem she wrote on the spot was nice. I know I will probably mutilate her exact phrase, but it was something along the lines of writing in white ink and wishing she could write something in black that jumped off of the page. It is a sentiment I (and probably most everyone) have shared, whether it pertains to writing, music, school work, etc…

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The light at the end of the tunnel
4/10/2006, 2:09 pm
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Nearing the end of the semester and it can’t come soon enough! Classes, classes, teaching, projects, scrounging money for bills, dj’ing, and senior shows for my art student friends. One very special friend and neighbor is having her show next week, Ms. Laura Slipsky. She will be graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. Laura and I have become good friends over the last couple of semesters of being neighbors, and I will hate to see her leave in May. Losing friends is one of the many downsides of living too long in a college town, and one that I never seem to get used to. I do not know why there always seems to be Graphic Designers tied up in my life, including many of my best friends along the way. There has been Christine, Leo, Carl, Phil, Molly, and now Laura. Maybe I just need to find a job as an office lackey or computer person in a design firm, then I would be truly happy…who knows.

Anyway, as I was saying, its the busy, busy, busy time. Luckily I just heard back from a publisher who has offered me a job reviewing a new edition of a physics text book that should last through July and will help out immensely, especially since I still do not know if I have one of the much sought after summer TA slots. Still waiting to hear back from a job I applied for with a nearby university, though I was recommended to the department who the position is with, my application has yet to make its way through HR limbo, keeping my fingers crossed.

Back to work, going to take a break and head out for coffee and a poetry reading with Lark later on this evening, should be fun…speaking of Lark, check out the hot pin-up style (and hotter shoes) she is rocking in this cool photo:
Lark rocks the pin up style

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