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Back up in it
5/17/2006, 7:47 am
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Back from a week at my mommy’s. Got a few pics up in the gallery along with a couple short video clips from the Avett Bros. free show at the Beaufort Music Festival.

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At the time
5/7/2006, 5:57 am
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Bugs are thwacking into my car at such a high rate, it sounds like I am driving through rain.
Every house, every trailer, every store appears more run down than what I remember.
Even the place that I grew up looks like a last resort for hard times.
Every house, every trailer, every store, every dirt road, every path I pass holds memories…sometimes just the memory of having drove past it a thousand thousand times, sometimes more.
Sometimes memories of things that consumed my whole life and were the most important thing in the world…at the time.
All those unuttered promises, all of those yelled proclamations of younger days seemed so important, in a way it is a shame that now they are just the butt of a joke.

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5/4/2006, 6:30 am
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Seriously doubt I got the job. Interview went well, I just don’t think I am what they were looking for. Not a biggie though, got some fun research to do over the summer, and only a year left on my Master’s degree.

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Comments back.
5/3/2006, 3:05 pm
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Sorry, I was just informed that registration was required to post comments…and the site would not let anyone register! This function has been restored, so please feel free to comment away.  WordPress will ask you to complete a simple math problem. This is to deter spambots from bombarding me.

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Happy Birthday…to me!
5/2/2006, 6:23 pm
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Birthday Cake, yum yum.

Another year older and deeper in debt. My first gift of the day was a Final Exam in my Physics of Medical Imaging class, yay! Going to interview for a job tomorrow; nervous, nervous, nervous!