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Down to this
6/30/2006, 5:03 am
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My step-father passed away yesterday morning. He had not been able to speak, eat, or drink since this past Saturday. He entered into a non-responsive, coma-like state on Wednesday afternoon. It is amazing what a machine the human body is, I think whatever “Les” (my step-father) is left when he entered the coma, but his body kept chugging along, gasping for breath until Thursday morning. It has all been a little sureal, seeing as how it has been expected, and the rush of things that must be dealt with, the calls that must be made, etc… after it happens. I will write more about Les next week, and more about this experience as well, but for now; that is all.

Life is a Cabaret-o-shun
6/7/2006, 8:19 pm
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Visiting the hide-aways of my youth lately, most recently it was a camping trip with Laura down to the Outer Banks. We stayed at Frisco Woods, where I camped 20 years ago (am I really old enough to utter such phrases?) with my family, took the 2 and a half hour ferry I remember sitting with my father on, boogie boarded at the beach I’ve been surfing at many, many times. Done a lot of questioning as of late and I think that this will be my last month in Greenville. I will be moving back to Carteret County for a little while, work a job, help out my mom, and do some soul searching…which I find to be a lot easier to do sitting on the porch of my mom’s house looking at the water than sitting at the Europub looking at a beer. I hope I stay in touch with my friends, I hope they stay in touch with me. I hope my step-dad’s ALS runs its course quietly and does not cause this truly good man to suffer more than neccesary.

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