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Hurricanes were my family time.
9/1/2006, 7:12 am
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Haven’t written in a while, and I promise I will soon. But right now, a little talk about hurricanes. Some of my best memories are from hurricanes. When I was a child a hurricane meant staying out of school, making preparations with dad, then the whole family staying up, watching the weather updates on TV until the power went out, then switching to radio and playing monopoly by candlelight once we lost electricity. We all stayed in the living room, and no matter how hard I tried to stay up all night, I would eventually fall asleep, waking up on and off again to see dad awake and listening to the latest update on the radio. When a storm looked really scary we headed west to I95 and stayed at the Log Cabin Motel in Smithfield which was an adventure in itself. Regardless, it was a time that the family was close, it was a time of excitement.
When I was older hurricanes continued to excite me, a story I never tire of telling is volunteering to be part of the skeletal staff that remained at the oceanfront hotel I worked at through several hurricanes. Three stocked bars, three walk-in refrigerators of food, one walk-in freezer, gas stoves, and candelabra from banquet settings that looked so spooky when used to light the way down empty guest floors. You could stand on the ninth-floor and feel the building sway, look out the window and see the pier (while it stood) look so tiny next to the waves, instead of jutting out past the breakers like it normally did, the water was cresting and frothing 4-5 times further out than usual. We would gather in the lobby, the local police would stop by, the news crews staying with us would hang out, we would play cards, drink coffee, and; if it looked as if the beach would be closed off for a while, we would start making visits to the bar.
In the words of Jerri Blank: “Good times.”

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