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HVD 2007
2/14/2007, 6:01 am
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Happy Valentine's Day from Bad Badtz Maru!

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One week down, 30 years to go.
2/9/2007, 1:01 pm
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Started this week at the High School where I will be teaching. I (thankfully) get two weeks of observing, learning the layout, etc… until I officially get in front of my classes. I will be teaching one section of the lowest math available and two sections of the next to lowest math available. These are two classes designed to meet two of the four maths required by the state for High School Graduation, but are in no way meant for college bound students. I personally like these classes and the challenges they present, I also enjoy nerdy Calculus classes, but for different reasons. Today I get to attend a pep rally, complete with band and gospel choir performing as well as a step show. Can’t wait! Tonight I am going to see Louis CK and the Upright Citizens Brigade in Chapel Hill. Can’t Wait! Originally it was supposed to be Horatio Sanz, but he was replaced by Louis CK at the last minute. I have no problem with that. Though Louis’ show on HBO wasn’t the best, I have liked the other stuff of his that I have seen.

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