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The word for today is “circuitous”
12/26/2007, 6:00 pm
Filed under: Christmas, Nostalgia, Spirituality

A grey day. Country roads. Christmas. If you were in a climate controlled environment and couldn’t feel the 60 degree air outside you would probably say that it looks like snow. A lethargically beautiful grey day. Due to a completely random sequence of events the Cure’s album Disintegration is playing. I am driving my father’s car. I am taking the long way.

The thing that strikes me about this scene on this day is that I have experienced it before. It was 17 Christmas’s ago and, by strange coincidence, I was 17 years old. It was a tape playing the Cure, not a cd of MP3’s. It was my parent’s car I was driving. I was taking the long way.

My age has doubled and yet I find myself in the exact same spot again. Have I traveled some weird, 17 year long circuitous loop? Or, maybe I have passed this point before without realizing it.

Of course the geek in me is wondering, “What medium will I be listening to Disintegration on the next time around?”

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