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Back from the Vay-Kay
8/8/2005, 11:11 am
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Finally sitting in my apartment in Greenville after a little over a week of fun in the sun. Left Friday before last with my mommy and drove down to St. Augustine, FL where my dad, my little brother, his wife, and my neice reside. It was a nice break from the norm. Days of surfing, skating, and hanging with the niece that couldn’t be beat. Drove back up to NC on Saturday and was able to bypass one of the most god awful stretches of highway, I-95 through SC. Drove up on little old highway 17 which was a lot more scenic. Hung out with my neighbor Jenn in Emerald Isle Saturday, while there I received a phone call from my bestest friend Phil and found out he and his wife Mistie and their daughter Maia would be zooming through Greenville Sunday. Managed to make it back about 10 minutes before they showed up. It was a great way to wrap up a great week. Hadn’t seen those guys in nearly a year. Phil and I got our traditional meal of Warren’s Hot Dogs, after which I did my best to encourage Maia to do things she is normally not allowed to do, such as jumping on the bed with her shoes on, etc…
Nice to hit the reset button on life every now and then….
Pictures (mostly of my neice) are up in the gallery.

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your niece is soo cute! and christie really does bake as extraordinarily
as she does many other thangs!! glad you had a good break & good luck
with the new semester. love, bucky

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