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Caloo, Calay
4/12/2006, 1:01 pm
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Well, my application has finally made it out of HR limbo and is heading towards the Physics Department of the University I applied for the job with. It is a laboratory manager position which I was recommended for by our Lab Manager here at ECU, so I am fairly confident that I will at least get an interview. Dealing with HR was slightly maddening, I knew I was over-qualified, and a lab manager/physics person reading my application and resume could see that I was over-qualified, but getting the beuracrat in HR to see that was a little harder. I don’t mind not getting the job on my own merits, but to have the application rejected off-handedly was upsetting to say the least. In the meantime, got mad grading, homework, etc… to work on here. Heading down to Carteret County again this weekend to give my mom a chance to leave the house for a little while. I am so glad that they finally ran high speed internet out to where she lives, it allows me to get more work done down there than I would be able to otherwise. In case I do not hear anything about this job, I have one week to come up with a project to work on during the summer in order to get money from the Physics Department to live off of. Going to talk to Dr. B aka the Violin Guy today. He runs the Acoustic’s Lab here in the Physic’s Department and is the worlds leading expert on violins (from a reverse engineering physics perspective). Should be interesting…

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