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The way it was, July 2006 edition
7/29/2006, 10:33 am
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Once again hanging with my mom in Gloucester. July has been a pretty eventful month, full of new resolutions, new resolve, and new excitement. I got to assist Dr. Sprague teaching phyics in the Summer Ventures program at ECU. It was a blast working with these super-smart high school kids, and such a welcome change from the college folks I teach in lab, 90% of which could care less about being there. I am catching up on the time missed in the Acoustics Lab, and Dr. Bissenger has some exciting things in store for the next couple of months, some of which are top-secret and on a strict need-to-know-basis until we finish with our data collection.

On to the where-is-Dan-going-to-be-living section of this July wrap-up: several months ago I did a Dance Music For Nerds at Kings in Raleigh. While there I spent most of the night sitting with old friends and catching up, after that I resolved to be in Raleigh as soon as possible. I interviewed for a job at UNC, which didn’t pan out, then I spent several months helping to take care of my step-dad. Now it looks like I will finally be making the move. I have my school schedule next semester set to only be teaching/taking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I have a fellow grad student that will let me stay with her on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so I can do research and homework on Wednesdays. So, looks like I will be commuting from Raleigh, and job searching should be easier with a home base up there. The big down side, going from having a two-bedroom to myself to having a room in a house with room mates…ugh. But, hopefully it will be worth it, I expect the job search in Raleigh to eventually pan out and allow me to once again live on my own.

The only other big news, long-time friend Laura and I have started dating. After the first few akward dates, which were cute in retrospect, things have been going wonderful. She is smarter than I, talented, and gorgeous to boot. A luckier man, there isn’t.

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good luck with the move, danial! hope to see you some when you’re in gvegas mid-week. you sound happy, and that makes me happy too. love, bucky

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